James looks off into the aether at the mixing desk
James looks off into the aether at the mixing desk

Hello, I’m James Gasson. I’m a multi-instrumentalist recording & mix engineer from Brighton. I never set out to be a recording engineer; I spent my youth playing in bands, hitting drums too hard, and gigging around obscure parts of Eastern Europe. I developed my skills out of my passion for recording my own music and that of my friends. As luck would have it, turns out I’m really good at it.

In 2007 my band hired noted studio grump Steve Albini to record us in Chicago, whose technical expertise, contempt for mainstream orthodoxy, and that drum sound have long been a huge inspiration. That experience, along with many others along my journey since, was formative of my passion for audio excellence that I continue to strive for every day. 

Now I run Third Circle Recordings; a music recording/rehearsal studio in Brighton & Hove, where I spend my time helping bands, artists and musicians of all kinds realise just how good their instrument can sound when recorded to a high standard in a great sounding room.

I’m a punk rocker at heart. I’m not here to tell you what to play or how you should play it. Your music is yours, its precious, and all you want to do is have someone make it sound organic and powerful coming back through those speakers. I am that person.

With over 10 years’ experience as a professional recording engineer I have developed my recording techniques to truly harness the unique power of every musician and let their personality shine through in their performance.

Elsewhere I have carried out freelance audio duties for the BBC and various other media post-production companies, created sound effects for Mattel toys, and recorded, mixed and mastered live events across the country.

For some years I worked as chief Music Technician at the University of Sussex where I developed a real passion for helping students achieve their creative goals through clear communication of complex hardware and software systems. As such I can be a sounding board, guide, or advisor to you, offering you the support you need to help you to develop your own skills.

Whatever challenges you’re facing in your creative project, I’ve almost certainly experienced them myself, and can definitely relate to the highs and lows of trying to carve out a decent sounding mix until 4am!

When not busy working with others I create my own music and videos under the name Cat Fire Radio, make documentaries, play in bands, write blogs and generally strive to refine and advance my skills. I am highly creative, disciplined in my methods and logical in my thinking. I believe that organisation and preparation are key to meeting any challenge and that honesty is the highest virtue.

Key services I can offer include:

Recording (with a particular expertise in drums)
Editing/Sound Design
Audio Tuition
Systems Installation/Configuration

I love meeting new people and hearing about the projects that mean so much to them. You’re very welcome to stop by the studio for a chat about your project. Get in touch! I’ll get the kettle on.

James Gasson

07474 296868