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Stereo Recording Techniques On Test

Often in recording scenarios it is necessary to implement a stereo miking technique. Usually this is employed to capture room ambience at a distance from the originating sound source, by which I mean the reverberant field of an acoustic environment - anywhere where the late reflections are of greater intensity than the direct sound. Whether [...]

2018-09-01T00:27:06+00:00March 28th, 2015|

Comb Filtering In Drum Overhead Microphones

Recording drums in a small room is a problem that any engineer not blessed with an infinite budget must deal with at some point. Among the difficulties inherent in this scenario is the problem of comb filtering in the audio signal due to the microphone's proximity to a boundary, i.e. the ceiling or a nearby [...]

2018-09-01T00:27:06+00:00March 22nd, 2015|

Impulse Responses & Convolution Reverb: How To Sample An Acoustic Space

Those familiar with audio production probably know that there are two types of digitally synthesised reverb effect. The first, and generally most popular given its byte-sized (heh) use of computer resources is known as “algorithmic” reverb, where the incoming signal is, sample by sample, multiplied by a factor dictated algorithmically by various twiddly knob-like parameters. [...]

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