XLR patch bay in the live room

Third Circle Recordings has a range of specialised and custom equipment used for Recording, Rehearsals, Mixing and Mastering. Take a look at my equipment list below to read in more detail about what you’ll find in the studio.

All equipment is included as standard for all recording sessions (subject to availability). If you would like to hire anything for your rehearsal session, please drop me an email at time of booking to arrange.


Tama Superstar Kit

Gretsch Renown Kit

“The Humbug”

Premier Modern Classic Snare Drum

Pearl Seamless Aluminium Snare Drum

Tama Metalworks Snare Drum


Vox AC30

Fender Twin Reverb ’65

Peavey Classic 50

Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo

Marshall AVT 150H

Fender BXR 300C

Laney DP150

4×12 Speaker Cabinet

Marshall AVT 4×12 Speaker Cabinet

Kustom 2×15 Speaker Cabinet

Peavey 410TX Speaker Cabinet

Trace Elliot 4×10 Speaker Cabinet


Epiphone SG Electric Guitar

Fender Precision Bass


Coles 4038

CAD Trion 8000

Neumann U87

Shuare Beta 98

Audio Technica AT4050

Audio Technica ATM450


Electro-Voice RE20

AKG D112

Beyerdynamic DG58

Beyerdynamic M201

MXL R144

Rode NT5

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Other Equipment

Allen & Heath Saber Console

Adam A7X Monitors

Seventh Circle Audio Preamps

ReVox B77 Tape Machine

PA System + Subwoofer

EcoAir D122 Dehumidifier