I am not a mastering engineer. Let’s get that on the table from the outset. A good mastering engineer is dedicated exclusively to that task, so their ear is specifically attuned to that skillset, whereas I am a recording and mix engineer, and spend my time honing those skills. See the following blog post I wrote about mastering. In it I seem to sound angrier than I perhaps should, and I say a few things that I no longer agree with, but regardless, it should provide some background for those lost on the issue:


From time to time I do master records for people – sometimes a completely fresh project, or sometimes just adding finishing touches to smaller, lower budget sessions that I have recorded. My clients are always satisfied with what they receive, so those who use me to master their work continue to do so.

Mastering at Third Circle Recordings works on a sliding scale; £50 for one track, £40 each for two tracks and £30 each for three or more tracks. The work is carried out digitally in the control room and I am happy to facilitate different loudness standards to suit various playback mediums.