Other Audio Services

Other audio-related services I am happy to carry out include:

Location Recording

I have made many excellent recordings in a wide range of environments. If you are interested in being recorded in a specific location then I have mobile facilities to do just that. Just drop us a line to discuss your ideas.

Concert Recording

I have recorded many live events, including small to large sized gigs, choirs, orchestras, and on one interesting occasion, an Air Guitar competition. Seriously. If you have an event that needs recording, you’ve come to the right place.

Audiobook + Podcasting

I can comfortably accommodate any spoken word or voice-over recordings here at the studio, where the lack of ambient sound from the outside world makes for an excellent spot to perform in peace.

Audio Restoration

I have excellent tools for cleaning up and restoring poor audio, and have achieved some quite remarkable results, improving the sound quality of old vinyl, tapes, even dictaphone recordings. Get in touch to find out more.

Analogue to Digital Transfers

I can convert several analogue formats to high definition digital, including 1/4″ stereo tape, cassette and vinyl. I am able to source tape machines for other formats