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Professional studio recording, production & mixing services for all bands and artists at our studio facility in Portslade: £20 per hour. £160 per day. Get in touch now if you’d like to book a session or discuss your project over a coffee.

Hello! My name is James Gasson and I am the recording engineer at Third Circle Recordings. I have a great passion and respect for the discipline of audio recording, and I have spent my life honing my craft by learning as much as possible about the art and the science of creating music.

I am driven by the desire to capture sounds that are larger than life; that leap from the speakers in a way that absolutely demands attention of the listener. Recording is not simply about shoving a mic in front of an amp, but about harnessing the wonderful, unique character of each instrument and its performer, never undermining the artist’s creative vision in the process. I am not one of those self-proclaimed “producers” who will assert his own tastes upon you, but rather I am a studious and disciplined engineer who will work collaboratively alongside you to harness the power of your sound and bring it to life in a way that you never thought possible. I will never advertise my capacity to do so with vacuous platitudes like “Ready to take your music to the next level?!”. This ranks highly as one of the most nauseating phrases ever uttered.

I am heavily influenced by noted engineer, Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, PJ Harvey, etc), alongside whom I have worked at his Chicago studio, Electrical Audio. I am a former veteran of the Brighton gig circuit, as well as proud holder of a 1st in Music Production from the University of Brighton. In addition to studio-based work, I also offer mobile production and recording facilities for gigs and location recording. See my freelance site at for more on this.

I have many great microphones and preamps, all of which were specifically selected to achieve a great sound, utilising the lovely natural ambience at the studio, which is a particular bonus for achieving a fantastic, ambient drum sound. These include:

Third Circle Recordings’ recording rate is £20 per hour; £160 for an 8 hour day. The studio is situated a stone’s throw from Portslade station in an area blessed with plenty of free parking. Get in touch to book a session or discuss your project over a coffee.

Production Reel

Various artists, recorded at Third Circle Recordings.

Third Circle Recordings

The studio.

Cat Fire Radio – The History Of Time Travel

Cat Fire Radio is James Gasson’s solo project. This song was was recorded by James Gasson and filmed by Bebe Bentley at Third Circle Recordings in 2017.