Third Circle Recordings is a recording and production studio in Brighton & Hove, built and operated by musician and recording engineer, James Gasson, for any band or artist looking for a natural sound that honours the raw power of their material and the uniqueness of the performer.

Put your hand up if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You want to record together as a band to capture that live energy, not sit behind a computer noodling to a click track.
  • You’ve done your recording but for some reason it doesn’t seem to sound like your band.
  • The drums on your recording sound weak… mulchy… not present… and you can’t work out why.
  • Your mix sounds muddy and squashed… it lacks clarity.
  • The last producer you worked with seemed disinterested, or didn’t really seem to “get” you…

Yep. Been there. That’s why I built this studio.

Bands and artists should sound like their true selves, in all their wonderful, human uniqueness, yet in this digital culture we’re too quick to falsely represent ourselves. Our software screams at us to “fix” everything, until boring, generic “perfection” is achieved. My friends… we are not machines. We are human.

With a focus on mic techniques, room acoustics, the quality of the source instrument and the comfort of the performer, it is my belief that the most evocative recordings are achieved by faithfully capturing a “moment”; bands performing together as one, with all their human characteristics embraced and the acoustic environment faithfully represented. 

When we work together at the studio, I will do whatever it takes to help you realise your vision and to harness your true character, to embed that into the music that is so uniquely, so preciously, yours.

Now put your hand down. You look ridiculous.

“I like to leave room for accidents or chaos. Making a seamless record, where every note and syllable is in place and every bass drum is identical, is no trick. Any idiot can do it. I prefer to work on records that aspire to greater things, like originality, personality and enthusiasm.”
— Steve Albini


All prices are inclusive of use of all available amps, drums and other equipment, unless stated otherwise. Take a look at the EQUIPMENT page to see what we have.

Payment Plan: Pay in instalments

If you’re eager to get your session in the bag but are worried about the upfront cost then we may be able to provide a payment plan option, allowing you to spread the cost over a pre-agreed number of weeks or months. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Control Room + Live Room + Engineer
£35 per hour (2 hours minimum)
£250 per day (8 hours)

Control Room + Engineer (no additional equipment)
See MIXING page for more info, and our MIX DOCTOR deal

£30 per hour
£200 per day (8 hours)

Control Room + Live Room + Engineer
1 day of drum recording (to a guide performer or backing track)
The files are yours to take away at the end

Control Room + Live Room + Engineer
2 consecutive 8-hour days
Get up to 2 additional days mixing for just £160 per day

Control Room + Live Room + Engineer
5 consecutive 8-hour days
Get up to 2 additional days mixing for just £160 per day

See MASTERING page for more info
£30-£50 per track

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When it comes to recording there is much that can be discussed. Too much, in fact, to cram into a few paragraphs on a studio website. In order to pre-empt some of your questions I have written several blog posts addressing common queries. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, by all means drop me a line and I’ll happily discuss your concerns.

Things you need to know

•  A 20% deposit must be made at time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable.

•  Please have the means to pay the outstanding amount on the day of your session.

•  Payment must be made by a single nominated person.

•  Recording days typically begin at 10am and end at 6pm. Equipment may be loaded in from 9.30am.

•  Street parking is available on the roads surrounding the studio. Please see this parking map for details.

•  You will be liable for any unreasonable damage to equipment during your session.

•    While every effort is made to ensure the safety and security of equipment stored at the studio, any equipment left onsite is done so at your own risk.

•  Please specify at time of booking any specific equipment you would like to use, otherwise availability cannot be guaranteed.

•  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are sufficiently prepared for your session. We are not accountable for any delays incurred by lack of preparation on your part (faulty instruments, under-rehearsed performers, etc.)