Helping You Achieve Your Musical Goals

Third Circle Recordings is grounded in the ethos that individuals can be empowered to shape their own destiny. That principle has been a guiding light for me, and has led me to start my own business and help my musician comrades to make the music that they want to make. I don’t believe in waiting for someone to “give you permission” to be what you want to be. I believe in giving yourself permission to start being that thing right now.

As a Music Technician/Demonstrator at the University of Sussex I spent years helping students to develop the tools they need to forge their own musical paths, and as a studio manager I am proud that I am able to continue that work for anyone who needs it, by offering tailored tuition sessions suited to your exact needs.

I offer various packages designed to help you in whatever stage you’re at with your project or setup, however everything always begins the same way, and that is with a detailed conversation about the exact nature of your issue, throughout which we will decide which package is best for you, and agree a suitable plan to move forwards toward your goals. These packages are:

Whatever the nature of your issue, whatever software you’re using, or whatever it is you would like to learn, I will work alongside you to help you develop the fluency you need. I can help with your setup, advise on your acoustics, help you understand microphones, mixing, mastering, tuning drums, building your live rig… whatever the issue, I can help. This can either be in the control room of the studio, or, if it’s more convenient for you, at a location of your choice.

As above, but via the magic of streaming video.

If you require ongoing assistance with your project, then my “Technical Consultant” service might just be for you. I can work with you for a specified time period to help get your project moving, whatever it may be, whatever it may entail. Get in touch for a quote; I can look at your requirements and set out a brief.

Every few months I hold a recording workshop at the studio, each time focusing on some element of recording practice. These sessions are great fun, and are a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and share our indulgence in the art and science of making music. Previous sessions have included, “Microphone Preamps: What’s The Difference?“, and “How To Record A Drum Kit“. The best way to keep up to date about upcoming events is to subscribe to the MAILING LIST.

If you’re struggling with your mix and would like some help getting to grips with it, visit the MIXING page and take a look at my “Mix Doctor” service. I can provide a detailed report on your mix and get you moving in the right direction.


Includes studio control room
£30 per hour
£100 for 4 hours
+ £5 an hour to include live room

per hour

Price negotiable based on requirement

£50 per person per 4-hour session

Things you need to know

•  For tuition sessions of 4 hours or more, a 20% deposit must be made at time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable.

•  Please have the means to pay the outstanding amount on the day of your session.

•  Studio days typically begin at 10am and end at 6pm.

•  Street parking is available on the roads surrounding the studio. Please see this parking map for details.

•  Please specify at time of booking any specific equipment you would like to use, otherwise availability cannot be guaranteed.