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Rob Carmier is our resident videographer. He creates all of Third Circle Recordings’ video content and is on hand to turn his skills to any band or artist in need of them. Get in touch now to find out more.

Hi. I’m Rob. I make videos. I am also passionate about bands. Perhaps we should talk…

Music fans everywhere can relate to the feeling of an unquantifiable tingle that runs from the back of the neck to the base of the spine. There are music videos I know well and can happily watch in their entirety, knowing that the golden moment is two minutes in and lasts just a couple of seconds. It could be just the roll or twist of a camera, or the moment those drums come rolling back in, tantalising my senses with a single strike of a snare. These little moments can pull me back to a video again and again, and some never cease to amaze.

Editing a video can be a jigsaw puzzle for the imagination; a great game of deciding how to lead the eye from one cut to the next, and what to leave just off the path, obscured in plain view, ready to be discovered later, in much the same way that writing music is for the ear, both disciplines demanding attention to detail. It’s often nice to discover something new lurking in a song you’ve heard fifty times before, and to that end I want to make videos that give viewers a reason to come back and watch again and again.

We use the Third Circle studio in Portslade as a base for our session work, which can be packaged together with a recording session chaired by our audio engineer, James Gasson. Video Services are generally priced at £20 per hour, however a conversation about your project over a coffee will be the first port of call in correctly establishing a reasonable budget and time-frame. No conversations are off the table… all you gotta do is ask.

Rob Carmier – Showreel

Selected highlights from work with Small Pond Recordings and individual projects. All footage filmed and edited by Rob Carmier 2015-16.